Regular visits with the Colorado Springs eye doctor protect your eye health and vision, but sometimes, visiting the eye doctor in between those regular exam appointments is essential as well. Eye pain or discomfort makes it difficult to function and sometimes indicates a more serious problem. Take a look at five of the most common signs that it’s time to visit the eye doctor in Colorado Springs, and don’t hesitate to schedule your appointment.

Trouble Seeing at Night/When Driving

When you cannot see how to drive at night, it’s time to schedule that eye exam appointment. Everyone has a harder time seeing an object at night or when it’s at a far distance. When you notice yourself struggling even more in these situations, it’s a sign of a problem that needs to be addressed by a trained optometrist. If you have trouble seeing at night or when driving could indicate a problem. It could be as simple as the need for eyeglasses, or as severe as cataracts.

Red/Pink Eyes

Red or pink in the eye is a complicated, often dangerous eye complication. It is associated with numerous conditions ranging from conjunctivitis to allergies and even a rare type of glaucoma. Visit your general physician for help, but consider visiting the eye doctor for veterans if it doesn’t clear up or quickly returns after treatment.

Sensitivity to Light

Sensitivity to light is usually accompanied by eye inflammation. It could stem from issues with the cornea or an area even deeper in the eye. Or, it may be unrelated to the eye whatsoever and caused by a migraine headache or other issues. It’s essential to visit the Colorado Springs eye doctor at once if you notice light sensitivity that does not improve or worsens in a short period of time.

Eye Pain

Don’t wait to schedule an appointment with the eye doctor if you experience eye pain. Waiting to make this appointment could be detrimental to your vision and eye health. Acute-angle glaucoma is one of many eye conditions that causes pain. Worse, it also leads to blindness if it is not treated quickly.

Blurry Vision/Trouble Focusing

Blurry vision and trouble focusing may have many causes, but when you experience sudden vision changes, it’s important that an eye doctor in Colorado springs examine the eyes to rule out a serious problem. Your eye doctor can also prescribe eye drops or pills to resolve the issue.

It’s easy to avoid eye health problems when you schedule regular appointments with the Colorado Springs eye doctor and take action when you notice any of the signs above or other signs that suggest a problem. Take care of your eyes, and they’ll ensure you see clearly for a long time ahead.