Children and adults oftentimes forsake their eye health until it’s too late. A variety of problems may impact your vision that you’ll know exist only after an eye exam. So many people think that they don’t need an eye exam if they don’t experience problems, but nothing could be further from the truth. Protect your eye health now and avoid many common eye diseases, infections, and vision problems later.  An annual visit to the eye doctor is all that it takes to protect your eye health. 

Protect What You See So Clearly

Even when your eyes look fine, they may hide problems that can impact the quality of your vision and eye health. It’s important to take every precaution possible to protect your eye health so it’s easy to see clearly no matter what your age.  This includes an annual eye exam. So many people think that an eye exam includes nothing more than a vision check when in reality, the ophthalmologist also thoroughly examines the eye health and looks for any signs of disease or defect. 

Could corrective lenses help you see better? Is there an underlying health condition causing you to experience spots in your eyes? Why do you squint to see the television screen?  After an ophthalmologist examination, the answers to these questions, and many others are answered and any necessary treatments can start before any additional damage occurs. Regular eye exams protect the eyes and your good vision.

Most Common Eye Conditions

A refractive error is a common eye condition that nearly 50% of the population will experience. Nearsightedness, or myopia; farsightedness or hyperopia; and astigmatism are the three types of refractive errors that distort the vision. Presbyopia is a condition that occurs at a later age, affecting people 38 – 45 more commonly than other age groups. This condition causes the need for bifocals due to loss of accommodation. Cataracts is yet another common condition that affects the eyes. The doctor can also diagnose this condition early when surgical removal is still possible. 


There is Far More to Your Eye Health

Most people read letters from a chart from top to bottom during their eye examination, but this service is one of many a thorough examination includes.  The ophthalmologist will also look for any abnormalities or changes in the eyes and provides:

  • Central and peripheral vision testing
  • Retinal nerve observation
  • Glaucoma testing
  • Changes in vision that go unnoticed

Many different eye diseases and conditions develop gradually over time.  This includes glaucoma and vision changes. You may not realize these changes even occur, but rest assured your eye doctor notices even the most minor changes. Last year’s eye exam results aren’t valid this year! Schedule an appointment with your eye doctor in Colorado Springs and protect your vision and eye health!


Schedule an Eye Exam Today

Your vision may be perfect today but that can all change tomorrow if underlying eye problems exist.  Don’t wait until your vision is blurry, you cannot see, or other conditions develop to visit the best eye doctors in Colorado Springs when it’s easier and safer to schedule an annual visit before problems arise.