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Are Halloween Contact Lenses Safe?

Contact lenses came into the scene in the early 1970s, living individuals with corrective vision needed an alternative against glasses. Choosing contact lenses was simple in those days. Visit the optometrist for a vision screening, get a prescription, then visit the optician to have lenses made for your eyes. Things aren’t so easy these days, as now the contact lens brands, styles, and options are so incredible it’d take days to research them all. 

For Halloween, many people dress up in their scariest costumes and head out for parties, trick or treating, and lots of fun. Colored contact lenses help them pull off the spooky look they crave since lenses come in colors like black and red. It’s not only during Halloween that people wear specialty/colored contact lenses, but it certainly is one of the most popular occasions. Colored and specialty lenses have been used in special effects and movies for a very long time now, yet as the popularity continues to increase, so does the worry of their safety.

Are Colored Contact Lenses Safe?

Your Colorado Springs eye doctor will tell you that colored and specialty contact lenses are safe to wear, but only when common sense is put into the equation. Don’t let a desire to save money or simple carelessness cause injury to your eye because you didn’t choose safe colored contact lenses this Halloween.

Many companies sell colored and specialty contact lenses these days. A quick Google search proves there are endless options out there. And, this is where the trouble begins. You should never buy contact lenses (or any other medical product) from an unknown source or a Halloween specialty store. Those ridiculously low prices and convenience so often include devastating consequences for users. This isn’t information anyone wants to learn firsthand. Should you wish to use specialty or colored contact lenses, visit the eye doctor in Colorado Springs for an eye exam, fitting, and a written prescription.

Proper Care is Important When Using Speciality Contact Lenses

Along with visiting an eye doctor for veterans or your trusted eye doctor in Colorado Springs to get lenses for yourself or the kids, there are a few more practical tips to keep in mind to ensure eye safety and complete spookiness this Halloween. Wash your hands before touching lenses or your eyes. Also, ensure that the lenses are placed into a contact lens solution and never placed into water. Place the lenses in the solution when they aren’t in your eyes. Do not reuse contact lenses solution and of course, never share lenses with another person. This is an excellent way to spread eye diseases and/or cause injury. Don’t swim or use a hot tub with contact lenses in your eyes and of course, take them out before going to sleep at night.

The Verdict

Colored and specialty contact lenses are safe, so make sure they’re included in this year’s Halloween fun. But, do so with safety in mind to protect your eyes and your eyesight.