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Are VR Headsets Safe For Your Eyes?

As technology continues to improve, video games are only getting more and more realistic. Whether you’re using a PC or a console, chances are good that your favorite video game features some pretty incredible graphics. There are certain games that take this to a whole new level, however, by using virtual reality (VR) headsets. These headsets immerse players in the world of the game they’re playing, but do they negatively impact eyesight in the process? Let’s take a look at how VR can impact your eyes.

Blue Light Exposure

One potential issue with VR headsets is the abundance of blue light to which players are exposed. Blue light is the light that can keep you up at night and can even impact your vision itself. With that said, there are options on the market that can help filter blue light from certain headsets, alleviating this concern considerably. Make sure that you have the right filter for your headset, however, otherwise, it might not work and you won’t have any kind of filter at all.

Other Potential Health Issues

Even beyond their impact on your eyes, VR headsets can potentially cause a few other health issues. Sleep deprivation, for example, is not uncommon when playing video games in general, let alone those that consume our senses. And, as mentioned above, the exposure to blue light can wreak havoc on your sleep schedule. That’s why filtering out as much as possible is important for your overall health.

Are VR headsets safe?

There’s no concrete evidence that VR headsets are particularly harmful to eyesight, but the only surefire way to know is to consult with an experienced eye doctor in Colorado Springs who can examine your eyes and give you their opinion.

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