Treating glaucoma can be difficult, and scientists are still trying to figure out how to reverse the condition once it’s started. Luckily, there are still simple, easy things that you can start doing right now to help slow the progression of glaucoma. That’s why your trusted optometrists of Colorado Springs decided to get the scoop on whether or not antioxidants really can treat glaucoma.

What Do Antioxidants Really Do?

Antioxidants are supplements that fight off dangerous free radicals, which can damage healthy cells through a mechanism known as “oxidative stress.” Some of the most popular antioxidants are vitamins A and E and herbs like bilberry and Ginko Biloba. You can also get plenty of antioxidants by eating foods like dark leafy greens such as spinach and kale, dark chocolate, and fruits such as pomegranates, cranberries, and açaí berries. You can even get antioxidants from wine, coffee, and green tea!

But can these antioxidants actually make a difference in your glaucoma? Your eyes are particularly sensitive to the free radicals that antioxidants protect against, so making sure your body is high in antioxidants is a good thing no matter what. Unfortunately, while some science suggests that antioxidants are a great way to prevent glaucoma from getting worse, there’s no evidence that says they can actually reverse glaucoma.

Only Take Approved Options

If you’re considering taking supplements for your eyesight or general health, it’s important to always check with your primary care physician first. They can advise you on what your body might be deficient in and if it’s safe to take certain supplements with any medications you might be on.

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