Contact lenses can add a lot of freedom for children who require corrective eyewear. They provide flexibility for fashion accessories, aren’t likely to fall off or fog up as glasses will, and allow kids to wear sunglasses or goggles when necessary. However, like any eyewear, contacts will sometimes fall out or be shaken loose from the eye. This has led some parents to wonder if contact lenses are the best choice for a child who plays a lot of sports.

Wearing Contact Lenses

The answer is yes; your child can wear contact lenses while they play sports. While the best type of eyewear for physical activity really depends on the child’s preferences, contacts are actually one of the best and most convenient forms of corrective eyewear for sports. Unlike glasses, which are easily knocked loose, contacts are far less likely to fall out or be lost when playing sports. They also won’t slide down off the nose as glasses will. There’s also the cost factor – a contact lens knocked loose during a game is a loss of only a few dollars, while a crunched pair of glasses is going to lead to a bill in the hundreds.

Contact lenses are also a lot safer for kids who play contact sports like hockey or football. A hard hit can shatter a glasses lens, which can cause damage to your child’s eye. For this reason, glasses are not recommended for tougher contact sports. For sports like snowboarding or shooting that require safety glasses, contacts are also an excellent choice for their flexibility. Regular safety glasses can be worn easily over contact lenses, while glasses wearers need expensive prescription goggles or sports glasses.

We Can Help Ensure Your Child Wears the Right Eyewear

Ultimately, the best eyewear is going to be based on the specific preferences of your child. However, contacts are an excellent choice for more active kids. Call us today to find out more!