Snow stings when it hits you at high speeds, but that is not the only danger of snow. The bright sun reflecting off the snow can strain your vision. You need some sort of protection when you spend a lot of time out in the snow. Sunglasses and goggles are recommended for participating in snow sports, let alone if you were out doing something as benign as shoveling. It is up to you to decide between sunglasses vs. goggles when you are out in the snow. They each have their own way of protecting your vision.

How Does the Sun Hurt Your Eyes?

The sun reflects off the snow, making it hard to see where you are going. Some avid snow sports enthusiasts believe that clouds eliminating the UV rays, but that is incorrect. UV rays can still pass through clouds. Even if fewer rays are making it through, they can still do damage.

Sunglasses with good contrast allow you to see small features like bumps and slopes. This is very important with snow sports, as a bump or slope can greatly impact your ride. Sunglasses also protect against frost. Snowsports obviously take place in cold weather, which can negatively impact your eyes. If you spend significant amounts of time in cold climates, the extreme cold can restrict your eyes’ blood flow and freeze your cornea. These conditions can result in severe pain, blindness, double vision, and blurred vision. There are three simple ways to take care of your eyes that are very easy to do. By taking even one of these simple steps, you are investing in your eyes’ health over the long term.

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