Have you ever experienced a burning sensation in your eyes? Do you feel there’s something in your eye when there’s nothing? If yes, then you possibly have a dry eye condition. In this, the eyes are unable to produce adequate tears to keep them lubricated. 

In dry eye disease, the condition becomes worse, and the patient most commonly experiences a burning or a sting sensation. This disease one of the most common reasons why people visit an eye doctor. Let’s know more about various aspects of dry eye disease:


Mainly, there are two causes for this disease:

Fewer Tears: Our eyes must remain lubricated and protected with a well-layered coat of tears. This helps keep our eyes healthy and make us feel comfortable. However, when this protective layer dries up and is no longer present on the surface of the eye, it results in dry eye disease.

It usually happens when tear glands are not able to produce enough tears to keep the eyes lubricated. Inadequate production of tears results from aging and various medical conditions.

Poor Quality of Tears: Three layers are protecting our eyes – oil, water, and mucus. With each blink, the tears cover the front surface of the eye providing good lubrication. If any of the three layers gets damaged, the tears are unable to spread evenly, causing irritation and dry eyes.


Dry eye disease causes itching in the eyes, aching sensations, fatigued and heavy eyes, redness, dull or blurry vision, and constant feeling that there is something in your eyes.

In addition to these, this condition can sometimes cause permanent damage to the eyes. It can also affect cataract and LASIK surgeries.


In most cases, dry eye disease is curable, and various effective treatment options exist, which are helpful in eradicating this condition completely. Your doctor can either prescribe medications that can help tear glands to secrete more tears or teardrops, which improves the lubrication in the eyes.  

However, it is a progressive condition that may reach a stage where it is difficult to get your visual skills back. It’s always advised to seek medical attention immediately if the symptoms prevail for more than a week.