It probably seems like your eyes are the last thing you need to be worrying about when you’re trying to pick the perfect costume. But believe it or not, your eyes are one of the most at-risk parts of your body when it comes to all the different kinds of costume options. That’s why our Colorado Springs optometrists have prepared this handy guide for how to keep your eyes safe while still having a killer costume.

Things to Keep in Mind

One of the most significant eye risks of Halloween costumes is decorative contact lenses. In fact, these are such a common risk that even the CDC has prepared some helpful tips on how to use them safely. Most decorative contact lenses are non-prescription, which means if they’re not purchased from qualified specialists, like from our Colorado optometry office, you can run the risk of seriously damaging or infecting your eyes. Cheap contact lenses can even lead to vision loss!

What Options Are There Besides Contacts?

Contact lenses are not the only spooky scare waiting for your eyeballs on Halloween. Masks, elaborate eyewear like goggles, and eyepatches can make it more difficult than normal to see, especially at night. When moving around, try to raise anything that obstructs your vision over your eyes. Costume makeup and face paint can also pose a risk, as the compounds are heavier and more prone to irritating the sensitive eyes. Any makeup used should have been bought this year and should ideally be hypoallergenic. And make sure to always wash off any makeup before bed!

Do you have more questions on how to protect your eyes during the scariest night of the year? Curious about where you can get safe decorative contact lenses in your prescription? Your trusted eye doctors in Colorado Springs are here to help with all your eye care needs, so give us a call or come on in today!