Many adults opt for the use of sunglasses when heading out into bright and sunny weather. The light can hurt many people’s eyes, and sunglasses help reduce the amount of strain they experience when transitioning from ambient lighting to natural lighting. Unfortunately, this does not always extend to children. Many parents don’t stop to think about how their kid’s eyesight could also be impacted by the bright light.

Why don’t parents give their children sunglasses?

Because as much as 73% of the adult population wears sunglasses, you’d think that about as many children would be sporting the same. In reality, only around 50% of the parents who opt for sunglasses regularly ensure that their children wear them, too. But why does this disparity exist? Most parents simply don’t think that their children need glasses. They believe that, because their eyes are younger and their vision good, they must be more resilient to sunlight. That’s not the case, of course, and their eyesight can experience just as much damage as adults’ from exposure to light without sunglasses.

Do kids really need sunglasses?

Whether they have “perfect” vision or wear prescription glasses, it’s important to make sure that children have a good pair of sunglasses. And yes, that’s still true even if they already have a prescription that includes Trivex or polycarbonate lenses that help protect from UV rays. Those lenses don’t help with glare or light sensitivity, both issues that can affect eyesight and eye health in general. An eye doctor in Colorado Springs can help make sure that your child has the right gear to protect their eyes.

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