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Ocular Migraines: What are they and what are the symptoms?

A migraine that includes visual changes is known as an ocular migraine. Some people experience the signs of a classic migraine during this disturbance, but some do not. When you suffer from an ocular migraine, you may see stars, flashing lights, shimmering lights, or even zigzags. Some people describe the images as psychedelic. Many people experience blind spots in their vision during an ocular migraine. 

Ocular Migraine Disturbances

An ocular migraine causes trouble completing tasks normally simple, such as driving an automobile or writing. Although it’s not considered a serious condition since most symptoms are temporary, ocular migraines are nonetheless frustrating when they prevent you from enjoying life the way that you should.

 If you experience loss of vision, you may actually suffer from a retinal migraine instead of an ocular migraine. This is a rare condition that affects only one of the eyes. This condition may be a sign of a more serious medical condition. Book an appointment with our eye doctors in Colorado Springs to get an exam that rules out any underlying conditions.

What Causes An Ocular Migraine?

Colorado Springs eye doctors don’t exactly know what causes an ocular migraine. It is known that a history of migraines in your family is a top risk factor. In theory, doctors think that ocular migraines are caused by the same problems as a classic migraine. This includes:

– Genetics: Genetics often lead to migraines. If you have a family history of migraines, you are at a greater risk as well.

– Triggers: Many people have migraine triggers, which they can often identify themselves. Triggers include certain foods, bright lights, too much caffeine, caffeine withdrawal, weather changes, strong odors, loud noises, alcohol, stress, anxiety.

– Hormone Levels: Estrogen controls the sensation of pain in the brain. This hormone fluctuations in women, which may cause the onset of a migraine or an ocular migraine.

For many people, an ocular migraine occurs right before a classic migraine. Most people experience the aura in their eyes 10 to 30-minutes prior to a classic migraine. Symptoms include:

– Tingling in the face, hands or feet

– Mental fuzz or fogginess

– Numbness in the face or hands

– Disrupted senses, including smells, tastes, and touches

– Seeing blind spots, lines, or flashes of light

Both over the counter and prescription medications to treat migraines offer help for the signs and symptoms of an ocular migraine. If you’ve tried OTC options without luck, it’s time to schedule an appointment with our eye doctor for veterans in Colorado Springs. We offer a myriad of solutions tailored to your specific needs. We take care of eyes, and we’d love to see you at our Colorado Springs eye doctor if you want to protect your eye health.