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Online Eye Exams Cannot Replace Your Eye Doctor

If you’ve seen those advertisements for online eye exams, eyeglasses, and contact lenses prescriptions, you’ve probably been drawn in by the allure of taking care of your eye health without visiting a doctor in person. However, using one of these eye exams versus a visit to the eye doctor in Colorado Springs could be detrimental to your eye health.

Before you commit to an online eye exam and prescription, here’s what you should know first. 

The 101 on Online Eye Tests

An online eye exam cannot evaluate the health of your eyes. It is impossible, no matter how well the website tries to convince you otherwise. The test measures refractive error and visual acuity. Sometimes you also get color blindness and contrast sensitivity test, but this isn’t normally included in the eye exam. These tests provide little to no detail about the health of your eyes. It cannot detect eye disease, eye infection, or conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma, or cataracts. 

 If you choose to use an online eye exam due to the inability to get to the Colorado Springs eye doctor, make sure you still make that appointment as soon as possible. A comprehensive eye exam is vital to your eye health and to prevent sight-threatening conditions. Your online eye exam may work great when you need a replacement prescription for eyeglasses or have other minor needs. But, the exams simply cannot compete with the care received from the eye doctor for veterans in The Springs.

Controversy With Online Eye Exams

Research the online eye exam providers before scheduling an appointment in the event you need a quick prescription. A company known as Visibly is under fire for their online vision tests, with the FDA recalling their tests in August 2019. The recall came after the FDA says the company didn’t receive proper authorization to market the product. 

The American Optometric Association (AOA) is also unhappy with the availability of online eye exams. They’ve voiced their concerns since 2016, citing ‘potentially pose serious health risks to the public and did not comply with federal law.’

Online Eye Exam Risks

An online eye exam is not conducted by an eye doctor in Colorado Springs and many times, even a medical professional. You won’t get a complete exam using an online provider, which leaves your eyes vulnerable to many eye conditions and diseases. Early treatment of conditions like cataracts and glaucoma makes a big difference in the outcome. A wrong prescription may result from an online eye exam, which leaves even the healthiest eyes at-risk. And, if you don’t take the test correctly, you’re also at risk of receiving the wrong prescription!

The Final Word

Online eye exams may seem like a good idea, but they cannot compete with the care provided by your Colorado Springs eye doctor. Do not sacrifice your eye health to save a bit of time. With the right eye doctor in Colorado Springs, protecting your eye health is simple.