With so many different types of specialized sunglasses out there, we know that figuring out exactly what you need can be difficult. That’s why our optometrists here in Colorado Springs prepared this handy guide to make choosing as easy as possible. It may not seem like it, but picking the right sunglasses can make a huge difference in the health of your eyesight.

Prescription Sunglasses

If you already wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, then prescription sunglasses are a must-have to protect your eyes from the dangers of the sun. These work exactly like your normal glasses or contacts, offering you the same crystal clarity of vision while blocking 100% of ultraviolet rays.

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are specially designed not just to reduce, but entirely eliminate all glare from flat surfaces that reflect harsh light right into your eyes. Polarized sunglasses have long been popular among those who work on or around water, so if you do a lot of fishing or boating here in Colorado Springs, glasses like these are a great choice.

Performance Sunglasses

Performance sunglasses are the Rolls Royce of sunglasses. In fact, you may have even worn them while serving as they’re the eyewear of choice for the military. These sunglasses are optimized for peak performance in even the most extreme of conditions. There are many different kinds of performance sunglasses. You can even combine all three types of sunglasses if you want to — there’s no reason you can’t have polarized performance sunglasses fitted for your specific prescription!

Not sure you need glasses at all? Our Colorado Springs eye doctors are always available to give veterans the care they need and deserve, so give us a call today and come on down to your Colorado optometry office and find out what we can do for you!