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Frames, Lenses, Adjustments

Let us help you find the perfect pair of eyeglasses for your corrective vision needs. We carry an extensive collection of eyewear for men and women, offering stylish frames and durable lenses that resist damage and help every patient look their best. When you look good, you feel good and that helps maintain your confidence! We’ll take all the time necessary to help find the best frames and lenses for your needs.

 Browse our eyewear products and discover fashionable frames from Oakley, Coach, D&G, Coach, and plenty more big brands. Our quality frames encompass style and durability. We also offer a variety of lenses to match your prescription/vision needs. Digital single vision, digital bifocals, trifocals, digital progressives, polarized, 1.67-material, and several other lens options ensure that your eyewear needs are met.  Choose any lens and frame and get the stylish corrective vision that you need!

Your eyes are one of your best features. People look into your eyes to learn who you are; they want to discover the person within. Don’t allow vision problems to send the wrong message to other people! Let our highly-trained opticians help you highlight your eyes with a great pair of eyeglasses customized to your vision and style needs. All upgrades are covered by your $325 voucher Veterans pay nothing!


 VOPA carries all the latest styles. Whether you are looking for professional, simple or even sporty we have the look. We have men, women’s and kid frames regular and sun in stock. *Annie please incorporate this into what you already have written for frames.


VOPA carries all types of optical lenses. We only provide the ones you truly need in order to see the best you can.

Lens Design

We offer digital lenses for patients that have higher prescriptions and that will benefit from having that extra technology while looking through their lenses. When it comes to progressive multifocals we use top of the line “Free Form Design” technology so the patient has a smoother transition looking from distance to reading and has less “swim” on the peripheral portion of the lens. We also have line bifocals, trifocals as well. If you are on the computer for most the day we can even design a pair that can help you get through your day with less eye strain. We will look at your needs and wants and tailor your glasses towards that!

Lens Material

VOPA offers all lens material depending on the veterans personal RX. We DON’T offer polycarbonate, only Trivex for impact-resistant material. Why, you ask? Trivex has way better optics than that of Poly and is a harder lighter material which helps with scratching. We also carry 1.60,1.67,1.70 index for patients with high prescriptions looking to have a thinner lighter lens.


VOPA automatically applies an Anti-Reflective treatment to every pair of glasses unless told otherwise by the patient. Anti-Glare or Anti-Reflective allows more good light to pass through the lens which helps the wearer see better especially at night when there is minimal light. There is also a protective scratch treatment that is applied to all our lenses as well.

Other Upgrades

VOPA allows for veterans to get anything they may need to maximize their optical experience which may include not limited to transitions, polarization, drill mount frames, different color tint, etc.
*All of the above are always covered in full by the veterans $325 voucher from the VA. You must be registered with the VA in order to get this benefit!!!

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