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Urgent Care

VOPA welcomes patients with urgent care needs. Contact us and we’ll get you in the office for an eye exam to determine the cause of trouble right away. Many issues affect the eyes that require a fast response from a medical professional to prevent major concerns. Without proper care, these issues become dangerous, painful, or risk your clear vision. Our licensed optometrists reduce worry and risk with a comprehensive examination and treatment package.

Veterans oftentimes come home from service with a range of medical issues which include trouble with their vision. This increases the odds that vision and eye health problems occur. It’s important that you seek professional care promptly if urgent care issues arise.  Don’t forsake your eyesight by waiting to schedule an appointment with our professionals. It’s easy to schedule an appointment online or by telephone.

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Vision trouble and ocular trauma can occur at any time, especially when the damage is already present. It’s important that you treat these problems before any major defects to the eyes occur or before experiencing vision loss. Bacterial infections, viral infections, allergies, and a plethora of other issues may cause trouble with your eyes. Let our opticians get you into the office to care for these concerns and many others!