Over 11 million people above the age of 12 need to get their vision corrected. But how do you figure out you need glasses? Surprisingly, several people ignore minor eye problems for a long time without realizing how they could be more comfortable with simple vision correction. Apart from regular eye checkups, let’s take a look at a few signs that suggest you may need glasses.

  1. Blurred Close-Up Vision – If you have difficulty in reading fine print or even the newspaper, it may indicate farsightedness or hyperopia or presbyopia based on your age.
  2. Poor Distance Vision – If reading a signboard or recognizing someone from afar is challenging; then you could be suffering from nearsightedness or myopia.
  3. Difficulty In Seeing Objects Up Close & From Afar – If you strain or squint to read up close or from a distance, you may be suffering from astigmatism.
  4. Difficult In Adjusting From Dark To Bright Surrounding – While it is normal to face some sort of discomfort when moving from a dark to a bright place, if it is taking longer to adjust and you realize that the duration is increasing then it is time to visit an eye doctor.
  5. Difficulty Seeing At Night – If you keep tripping and banging into things at night, this could be a sign that you need glasses.
  6. Difficulty In Reading On A Digital Screen – If you struggle to read text on your phone or computer screen and you suffer from headaches or eye pain right away due to constant staring at the screen, this could be a sign that you need glasses.
  7. Eye Strain – If you feel that your eyes are tired and you have to strain them too much while doing your routine chores, you may need glasses.

Apart from these common signs, frequent headaches, seeing halos around a light or double vision could also be indications that you need glasses or its time for you to get your vision tested.