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The Importance of Wearing Sunglasses in Snowy Conditions

Whether you love winter or hate it, the fact is that many of us have no choice but to endure it. For most people, that includes venturing out of their home and into the snow-covered world to run errands and go to work, and that means being exposed to cold temperatures and bright light. The temperature issue is one that most people automatically make an effort to avoid, usually by buying proper clothes to keep them insulated and warm. The light, on the other hand, is something that many people tend to gloss over. Here are some reasons why you should always wear sunglasses in snowy conditions.

  1. Stronger UV

When you live in an area like Colorado Springs, you have to be especially careful during the winter. UV radiation is stronger in higher altitudes, and snow actually reflects the amount of UV radiation experienced by as much as 80%. That means that you aren’t only dealing with UV from the sun, but also from the snow all around. Wearing sunglasses is a good way to help protect your eyesight.

  1. Sunburn

The concept of a sunburn is a fairly common one, however, you might not know that you can actually get a sunburn on your cornea, too. And just like the sunburn you experience on your skin, it can be quite uncomfortable and damaging over time. “Snow blindness” is a very real risk, but one you can luckily avoid by quite a bit by wearing a pair of quality sunglasses.

  1. The Best Sunglasses

To best help protect your vision, pick sunglasses that offer UV protection, polarized lenses, and wrap around. You might also consider options that feature mirror coated lenses or anti-glare features.

Interested in learning more about how to keep your eyesight safe? Reach out to an experienced eye doctor in Colorado Springs like the professionals at VOPA!