Arguably the most important organ of our body, the eyes, enables an essential ability – our vision. Eyes connect us with our surroundings, and we can experience the world flawlessly. What may not appear to be a very sophisticated mechanism to us, is a complex system at the backend. As conventionally quoted, our eyes are our window to the world and enable perspective in more ways than one. 

Let’s delve deeper into the functioning of the eye and understand how the functioning plays out. Beginning with the essential parts of the eye, we will walk you through their operation. 

Parts of the eye:

Cornea: The topmost layer that absorbs light and protects the eye.

Iris: The small circular muscle that contracts and expands to control the light that enters the eye.

Lens: The clear disc that changes shape to comprehend objects around. Their size, shape, and distance from the eye.

Retina: The layer of muscle at the back of the eye that has light-sensitive cells. It is the retina that contains the optic nerve.

Optic Nerve: The nerve that transmits visual information from the retina to the brain to create visual illusions. This nerve transmits information at a million bits per second. 

Functioning Of The eye:

The Binocular Vision: One needs both eyes to see perfectly. Both eyes create the same visual in our brain; however, the angle of the object seen is different in each. You can test this by keeping one hand on one eye and seeing from the other. This enables us to be able to see things in 3D and to decipher the distance of each object. 

Visual Cortex Of The Brain: Located in the Occipital lobe of the brain is the visual cortex. This enables the eye to be able to process visuals and uses about 20% of the brain. The visual cortex also enables other stimulations like vision + meaning, vision + sense of touch, vision + attention. This function of the brain is very important and enables many essential functions like; how we perceive things, react to them, etc.

The Eyes Protection Team: For the smooth functioning of a sensitive organ like the eye, it is important to highlight the parts of the face that protect and keep the eye functioning, every millisecond of the day. Starting from the eyelids and eyelashes that protect the eyes from debris etc. The tear film, which is the outermost layer, originated and is maintained by glands and ducts in the eye. 

We cannot do without our most important organ; the eyes. Therefore, we need to keep them safe, clean, and healthy. Along with resting them enough, it is important to exercise them, get regular eye-check ups, and, most importantly, seek treatment in case of any injury, excessive indulgence in digital streaming, or weakness.

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