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Veterans Stop Paying for Your Glasses and Eye Exams

More than 1.4 million veterans are homeless or at-risk of homelessness due to poverty and a lack of support from family and friends. Many veterans battle wars within themselves that we’ll never understand once they return home, oftentimes causing mental illness and drug and alcohol addictions that only add fuel to the fire. Veterans gave their all to protect this country and shouldn’t worry about these and other problems that affect their quality of life. 

Many veterans experience vision problems when they return home from war. Inability to clearly see causes frustrations and problems for veterans who certainly don’t need more concerns to add to their list of worries.  Veterans with the capabilities to get the eye care they need oftentimes find themselves forking over hundreds of dollars to cover the costs of their exam and eyeglasses when the VA may cover these costs!

How Vision Affects Your Life

Vision difficulties affect us in a plethora of ways. It may not be possible to pass a driving test to earn a driver’s license without passing a vision test. People with a license who have vision problems increase the risks of being involved in an accident. It may be difficult to find work if the person cannot clearly see what’s in front of them. Veterans who come home from service with injuries and wounds also face increased safety dangers if vision problems cause concern.

Many veterans deal with vision problems every single day due to a lack of money or transportation to the eye doctor. It shouldn’t be this way. After veterans give so much for the red, white, and blue, it’s only fair they can see the beautiful lands they help create. E offer no-cost eye exams and glasses for qualified veterans. It’s just one way we say thank you to our veterans and, in some small way, do our part to help.

Free Eye Exams & Free Eye Glasses: Qualifications

Veterans who meet the following qualifications can schedule an appointment for an eye exam/eyeglasses at no cost:

  • Veterans with service-related disabilities
  • Former Prisoners of War (POWs)
  • Purple Heart award winners
  • Title 38, United States Code 1151, receipt holders
  • Veterans with impairment resulting from diseases and/or medical conditions for which the person receives care from the VA
  • Those suffering from cognitive or functional impairment evidenced by deficiencies in daily living activities

This is not a complete list of persons who may qualify for a free eye exam and/or eyeglasses from the VA. Any veteran who needs corrective vision or who experiences issues with their eye health should call VOPA to learn if they qualify and to schedule an appointment.

Free Eyeglasses are One Call Away

Veterans deserve fair, honest treatment. They deserve their good eye health and vision! At VOPA, we help veterans on the front range obtain Colorado Springs eye exams and eyeglasses at no cost. We offer a fast two-week turnaround time and promise to provide each and every veteran we serve with quality services and products.