Believe it or not, there are rumors and myths about almost everything on the planet, so our eyes are no exception. Figuring out what’s true and what’s not could be challenging, so it’s time for us to bust some vision myths once and for all.

Myth: Two Brown-Eyed Parents Will Never Have A Blue-Eyed Baby

As much as parents would love to believe that their child’s eye color would be similar to theirs, the truth is you can’t predict it at all. The eye color of a child correlates to 16 different genes. Hence, it’s normal for a child to have different colored eyes than parents.

Myth: Carrots Help Improve Your Vision

Carrots have a high concentrate of Vitamin A. This is the most essential nutrient to help maintain healthy eyesight. While eating carrots or drinking carrot juice can help maintain your eyesight, it does not help improve your vision or prevent you from getting glasses. To maintain healthy eyes, consume Vitamin A rich food with high-fat content since the body better absorbs it.

Myth: Staring At The Sun Is Beneficial To Your Body

When you stare directly at the sun without eye protection, you could cause permanent damage to your retina or even blindness. Simple sunglasses and filters do not protect your eyes against the sun. Sunglasses that are designed with solar filters will protect your eyes.

Myth: Only Boys Are Color Blind

Although the number of males suffering from color blindness is higher as compared to females, women too can be color blind. While some are born with the condition, others could develop it later due to a certain illness, damage to the nerve, or the aftereffects of drugs.

Always remember, not everything you hear or see is true unless verified by a professional. Take your time to ask your ophthalmologist, so you don’t start believing myths and focus on the truth instead.