There’s nothing more annoying than when your eye suddenly starts twitching, and you have no idea why. Should you be concerned? Is it a sign of something worse? As Denver’s eye doctors, we feel it’s important to correct any false information out there and give you the straight facts.

Technically, it’s not your eye twitching at all, but your eyelid. And the truth is, that even us eye doctors don’t entirely know why it happens! We’re pretty sure though that most twitching can be linked back to a few common issues, including exhaustion, stress, and caffeine over-consumption. For the most part, it’s nothing at all to worry about. Most twitching only lasts for a couple of minutes and don’t cause any issues with your ability to see. Plus, there are lots of easy ways to get rid of excessive twitching.

But what if your eyelids don’t stop twitching? What if it goes on for days or longer? What if it’s less a twitch and more of a spasm? In that case, you may want to make an appointment with your Colorado eye doctor. You might be dealing with conditions that are making standard twitching worse, such as side effects from certain medications or eye irritation and strain. Other times, pinkeye, dry eyes, and light sensitivity can also contribute. In the very rarest cases, a twitchy eyelid can be a symptom of a brain or nerve disorder. 

As eye doctors for veterans, we want the very best for your eyes. If you’re noticing that your eyes are twitching more often than usual, then there are a few simple things you can do. Life can be hectic, but taking some time to slow down, whether you’re doing breathing exercises or hanging out with friends, can work wonders. So can catching up on sleep. If you’re still noticing twitching, then contact your Denver eye doctor today!