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What Is An Optometrist?

Optometrists are eye doctors trained to examine the eyes and detect vision changes, injuries, and signs of eye abnormalities and ocular diseases. Everyone should visit an optometrist to ensure proper eye health. The frequency of these visits changes with age. People over the age of 50 should make annual visits to the Colorado Springs eye doctor while people under the age of 50 can hold out with visits every two years, so long as no problems cause concern between visits. 

Optometrists also detect problems with certain aspects of general health, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Optometrists can also prescribe eyeglasses or contact lenses and refer patients to specialists if necessary.

Optometrists study for seven to nine years at their chosen university to become an optometrist. They must then participate in assessed clinical training in practice before they’re allowed to register as an optometrist. After the Colorado Springs eye doctors register, they can take further testing to specialize in a specific area of eye health.

 Optometrists work with several other eye care professionals to provide complete patient care. These individuals include:

Dispensing opticians who advise, fit, and supply eyeglass frames and lenses. With specialized training, they may also fit contact lenses. 

Ophthalmic Medical Practitioners (OMPs) are registered medical practitioners who’ve taken postgraduate ophthalmology training. They can perform most of the same duties as an optometrist, including test sight, diagnose eye abnormalities, and examine eyes.

Ophthalmologists are medical specialists and surgeons capable of performing operations on the eyes. Although an ophthalmologist isn’t on staff with us, we can refer you to a well-qualified doctor if necessary.

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