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What is perfect eyesight?

Eyesight is an important aspect of living a healthy and happy life, so it’s no surprise that people want to know how well they can see. They often want an objective measurement of their vision to reassure them that they are seeing everything they should be and are doing everything they can to protect their eyes. The quest for “perfect vision”, in other words, is a common one. But what exactly does perfect vision mean? Let’s take a look at the phrase and what it means for your eyes.

20/20 Vision

The idea that “20/20” vision is “perfect eyesight” is one that has persisted despite being somewhat inaccurate. The term refers to how well you see at 20 feet from the test. The test in question is a common one – you stand 20 feet from a board that has rows of letters on it, and you read them off as best you can. If you can read down to a certain line, you have 20/20 vision. That means that at 20 feet, you can see things as clearly as you should be able to. If you can read even the smaller letters, then your vision will be something like 20/15 or 20/10, which signifies that you can read better than the norm at 20 feet.

So, is 20/20 perfect vision?

As you might have gathered from the above, 20/20 is not “perfect” vision, and it is quite common to have better eyesight. In fact, it’s almost impossible to determine what perfect eyesight looks like. It’s more helpful to consider the tasks you carry out daily and whether or not your eyesight suits them. If you can see what you need to see clearly and sharply, then your eyesight is perfect for your needs. As far as an objective measure goes, there are too many factors to consider to give one.

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