An average person blinks 20-25 times in a minute. Blinking is an involuntary action that is not under our control. The action of blinking not only keeps our eyes protected but, every time we blink, the eye gets nourished and is cleansed of the unwanted dirt and debris that the eye may have attracted. 

The glands and ducts near the eyes produce water, which accentuates the cleaning of the eye. Upon blinking, this water sweeps all dirt present inside the eye off and renders your eyes clean. 

Why Should You Blink? 

Blinking may not seem to be an essential part of health care. Since it is an involuntary action, we don’t realize the benefit that we have. The most crucial cleaning mechanism for the most fragile organ is automated!

This means that blinking is the auto-clean mode of our eyes. Not blinking as much as needed would leave our eyes dry and itchy, and make you at higher risk for eye infection. 

To Refill The Tear Film: The most important reason for blinking is to refill the tear film. The tear film is the wet coating on the surface of our eyes. This lubrication of the tear film is essential as it enables cleaning of debris or any dirt that may have settled on in your eyes. 

To Avoid Digital Strain: Excessive usage of devices and exposure to digital streams can cause reduced blinking. We tend to concentrate hard on digital streams and therefore end up blinking less. An average of 20-25 times reduces to 10, which is less than half. 

For Clearer Vision: Regulated blinking refreshes the lubricant(tear film) that forms on the surface of the eye, thus enabling sharper, brighter, and clearer vision. 

Eyes are sensitive. They are an organ that helps us see the world and experience its beauty. It is vital to make a conscious effort to keep your eyes healthy, safe, and clean. Read this carefully, but don’t forget to blink!