Even if you only plan on wearing one pair of glasses every day, it’s best to have a second set for when the unexpected happens. Glasses need to be handled with care if they are to remain in good condition. The most common ways glasses break is from our own mistreatment of them. For example, many may put their glasses on top of their head when not in use. This increases the likeliness of them sliding off your head and potentially chipping or scratching the lenses. It may also put pressure on the arms, causing bending or unscrewing from the front of the frame. 

Accidents Happen

Even if you take responsible care of your glasses, that doesn’t mean they’re less likely to be dropped, bent, or stepped on. For example, you can’t always stop:

  • A dog jumping on you
  • A child taking them off of you
  • A twig or other object knocking them from your face
  • Being knocked into by a stranger
  • Turning your head too fast
  • The wind just being extra strong that day

You can’t control how others treat your glasses and may find yourself temporarily unable to see. For those of you with lower prescriptions, this may not seem like a big deal. For the rest, it means everything:

  • Driving to work
  • Reading notes from a lecture
  • Finding contacts in your phone
  • Watching a movie with subtitles

You’ll overstrain your eyes just from the time it takes to get a new set. Accidents happen to everyone, and it’s safer to be prepared than caught off guard. Veterans Optometry Partners of America can offer different frames at no cost to qualifying veterans. We make it our duty to provide the best optical care for the people that deserve it most! Feel free to learn more about us before scheduling a new appointment.