Comprehensive Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye exam is a part of good preventative eye health. It’s about much more than seeing clearly. Every aspect of your life depends on the proper functioning of your visual system. Inadequate visual correction may cause headaches, eye pain, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, and other problems. This exam monitors your eyes for vision changes and changes in eye health. An annual comprehensive eye exam is an important part of proactive preventative care. 

During your comprehensive eye exam, our optometrists and staff examine your eyes, identify any risks that you may have, detect eye diseases such as glaucoma, and provide customized eye care that wards off many problematic conditions affecting veterans and individuals of all ages. Early diagnosis and specialized consultations prevent future vision loss, pain, and trouble with your overall health.

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We take pride in patient care. Each exam is customized to the specific needs of the patient to ensure thorough care. We use the latest diagnostic technology and tools, as well as licensed, well-qualified optometrists dedicated to protecting your vision and providing the best services from the very start. Our exam includes a check of muscle balance and perihaemal vision; examination for early signs of glaucoma, high blood pressure and other medical conditions; dilation service to remove retinal abnormalities; and determine the best prescription for corrective lenses.