VOPA “Veterans Optometry Partners of America” is an Optometry Practice that has dedicated their optical services solely to Veterans and their families. VOPA partnered with Mt.Carmel Veterans Service Center, who is a one-stop center for any Veteran. Mt Carmel offers services from Behavioral Health to Job Placement (www.veteranscenter.org).

We are a private company started in Colorado Springs by Keegan Meyer. He saw the need for veterans to get the optical care they deserve and the premium product they have earned. Most Optometry practices provide optical services for veterans via the Mission Act, but they don’t solely base their values off the Veterans needs. VOPA has and does, patient by patient.

We make sure that when you come in our doors, you don’t worry about how much this is going to cost you. VOPA makes sure you get the best Optometry services around and that we don’t stop there. VOPA also makes sure you get to build your glasses as you want and need them and at no cost to you.

The VA provides an eye exam and glasses to Veterans every calendar year but you must call the Community Care Network(720-857-5988 option 1) to make sure you qualify under your current VA befits. If you don’t please call us and will see what we can do for you. If you arent registered with the VA it’s very simple to do so. You bring your DD-214 to your local VA office and tell the front desk you would like to get registered. They will have you fill out some paperwork and see a VA doctor but keep in mind you can still be seen by your private Doctor after this. Once you are registered with the VA, you can now exercise their benefits like the one for Optometry. Some veterans use the Optometry benefit and use Tricare for the rest of their medical needs.

VOPA is here for all veterans who deserve to be given the most upright best Optometry services and premium product, and we are proud to do so!

“Veterans, Stop paying for optical products that you have earned!!!!
Keegan Meyer


VOPA is the only optometry practice on the front range who focuses their services on veterans and their families. We strive to help our patients see better without the headaches and expense found with other providers. Our comprehensive eye care services protect your vision the same way you’ve protected our country.

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