Poor vision may cause car accidents and other dangerous mishaps. Poor eye health and disease may cause even more detrimental results to your eyes and vision. Why take these risks when we offer immediate eye exam and eyeglasses appointments for our veterans and their families? We help protect your eye health!

After completing the eye exam, we’ll send your prescription to our quality lab to create your new stylish spectacles!  Are you ready to see things in a different light? Quality is important to us. We ensure that you receive a quality pair of eyeglasses, regardless of your preferred style or vision requirements. We do this in a time period of two weeks or less!

Compare this time frame with other optometrists on the front range and with other veterans’ organizations. Not only is VOPA the only front range ophthalmologist exclusively serving our veterans, but we also have some of the fastest turn around times available. We pride ourselves on compassionate care and quality service, including immediate eye care services for every patient.