After a long day and an even longer night, most of us want nothing more than to kick back, relax, and maybe catch a few ZZZ’s before e do it all over again. In fact, on those days that really weigh us down, dinner and a shower may even be out of the plans. But don’t hit the sack until removing your makeup, particularly mascara.


Failing to remove mascara and eye makeup from the eyes can lead to concretions, solid masses that form underneath the eyelids after material accumulation. The masses can erode the cornea, cause eye pain and irritation, and, left untreated, may lead to blindness. Schedule an appointment with the eye doctor if you suffer from eye pain or other abnormal symptoms that cause concern.


By keeping mascara on when you go to bed, you are inviting bacteria into the eyes. Any type of bacteria introduced into the eyes is bad news that may cause a number of vision and eye problems, including and up to blindness. You may not realize that mascara can cause such significant harm, but it’s true, and it’s up to you to protect your eyes.

Eye Irritation

Sleeping in eye makeup like mascara and eyeliner may lead to irritated eyes if the makeup rubs off onto the pillow and gets into the eyes as you sleep. Eye irritation may scratch the cornea, in turn causing the inability to focus at work or while completing other important activities. 

Along with the issues above, sleeping in mascara may cause lashes to fall off as it dries and clumps overnight. Don’t take any chances of harming your eye health. Never sleep in mascara, and be sure that it’s removed properly before you lie down for the night. Mascara remover pads make mascara removal simple and safe. If you’ve slept in your mascara once or twice, there is no reason to panic. But, make sure you don’t make it a regular habit.